"We glorify God by laboring to draw others to God; by seeking to convert others, and so make them instruments of glorifying God. We should be both diamonds and magnets; diamonds for the luster of grace, and magnets for attractive virtue in drawing others to Christ...It is a great way of glorifying God, when we break open the Devil's prison, and turn men from the power of Satan to God." - Thomas Watson

From the Pulpit

Recent Sermons Preached at Providence Presbyterian Church:

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From the Pastors Study

June 12, 2017 |

“The Church Doesn’t Work”…

I often hear from people some variation of a general theme: namely “the church doesn’t work” or...

May 1, 2017 |

On the Difference Between Personality and Character

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. David Wells, the author of several excellent books like...

March 22, 2016 |

Before You Get Divorced

Over the past 15 years as a pastor, I have counseled a lot of people who have told me they wanted to divorce their...

May 22, 2015 |

7 Reasons Christians Should STAY On Facebook

I read a lot of messages encouraging people to leave Facebook these days and in partial answer to those calls, I...

March 23, 2015 |

Our Commitment to Biblical Marriage

Providence is part of the PCA, a denomination committed to maintaining Jesus Christ’s definition of marriage as...

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